Monday, 21 November 2011

The Song of Fionn - Finn MacCool (trad.)

May-day, delightful time! How beautiful the colour!
The blackbirds sing their full lay. Would that Læg were here!
The cuckoos sing in constant strains. How welcome is the noble
Brilliance of the seasons ever! On the margin of the branching woods
The summer swallows skim the stream: the swift horses seek the pool:
The heather spreads out her long hair: the weak fair bog-down grows.
Sudden consternation attacks the signs; the planets,
in their courses running, exert an influence:
The sea is lulled to rest, flowers cover the earth.

The Song of Finn MacCool (Fionn mac Cumhail), composed after his eating of the Salmon of Knowledge
(Finn MacCool is a legendary Irish figure - for example he supposedly built the Giant's Causeway. This is one of the earliest surviving pieces of Irish poetry)

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