Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Georgetown - Sasenarine Persaud

For evenings on the seawall
drinking soup thickened with coconut milk,
melting cassava, sweet potatoes and plantains;
for your smile in the mornings, a wave
from your platform as we pass, the trade wind
in our faces; for parched peanuts jumping
out fingers unto sand and breakers exploding
on old brick groynes jutting into the Atlantic's
belly and tempering tides as stars flick on;
for conversations on galaxies, or monologues,
what if we are from beyond beyond,
aliens in this space and the ocean spray
sprinkling spectacles and moistening lips;
for a first kiss, or second riding around
the bandstand, the dance of street lights
in your eyes, I would return. I would dare all
gun-wielding bandits to walk, linked fingers
with your ghost on the sapodilla brown sand.

Sasenarine Persaud (born 1958) Guyana
Source: BBC Radio Scotland
sapodilla - Manilkara zapota is a long-lived, evergreen tree

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