Saturday, 4 March 2017

To be a girl - Raghda Gamal

You never thought that someday
You'll wish to know
What it's like to he a girl...
You know those secrets
Which consume me
To know the strength inside me
Which I never show
To taste the tears that fall
Or feel the hurt that
Fills my heart...
You never thought that someday
You'll wish to sail
Inside a woman s emotions...
Ok, then
Let me show you how
We are so comfortable
About being girls
And let you hear
Our thoughts about
Life, death and
Everything in between
Fly high with me
Breath the same air
And look at everything
Through my eyes...
Fly away
Fly away...

Raghda Gamal (born 1985) Yemen
Source: Yemen Times Online


  1. Eau Claire, WI. Tonight, I am reading this poem and Gamal's "To Saleem" at our public library. There is an open reading of poetry by poets from the "travel-ban" countries to share the universality of the human experience. Sincerely, Rozanna Bejin


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