Sunday, 2 October 2016

I have in heaven a friend - Nils Frykman

I have in heaven, a Friend so good,
He has redeemed me, with His own blood,
From Satan, and this world of sin;
He always hears when I make request,
A crown He's promised, the very best,
Which I may wear there, with joy and zest,
When I eternal life shall win.

I see His picture in Bible clear,
He is so patient, He is so near,
He is of all the very best;
He is a hero as no one else.
For me He conquered, the Bible tells,
I'll conquer also, He in me dwells,
O'er fear I’ll win, then enter rest.

I'll sing for Jesus, so glad and free,
A glorious home He's prepared for me,
Where I may dwell eternally;
Both poor and needy I here may dwell,
My carnal flesh may to sin impel,
But there no foe can ray joy dispel,
When I with white-clad hosts will be.

A Sabbath rest there in heav'n will be,
Where all believers His face shall see,
After battle, rest will be mine.
There are no sorrows, there is no care,
There is no suffering, no death is there,
But only good health and life to spare,
No end to peace, so great, benign.

There I'll behold Him, my Friend so good,
Who while on earth here, did shed His blood,
Redemption won, so all is well;
There songs of joy are most clearly heard,
A stream of gladness all hearts have stirred,
It stays forever, told in His word,
Eternally with Him we'll dwell.

Nils Frykman (1842 - 1911) Sweden
Translated by E. Einar Kron
Source: Hymns and Poems of SwedenTranslated by E. Einar Kron, New York, 1982

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