Sunday, 29 November 2015

The way is hard - Lina Sandell

The way is hard, narrow the gate.
But still it stands ajar,
So enter now, before too late,
There's room, whoe'er you are.

The road to heaven you may take,
Still for you there is room,
In Jesus' name, for Jesus' sake,
You're welcome, so please come.

There thousands stand, in white they're clad,
Of ev'ry race and hue,
By grace alone, wherefore be glad,
A room's prepared for you.

In Jesus' heart there's room for me,
In paradise on high,
The Gospel plainly teaches me,
"To God be thanks", I cry.

To God be thanks that even I
May in that city dwell,
That there throughout eternity
All shall for me be well.

What peace and joy do there await,
Delightful it will be,
Blessed thought for each to contemplate
Heaven's citizen I'll be.

Lina Sandell (full name  full name was Carolina Vilhelmina Sandell Berg) (1832 - 1903) Sweden
Translated by E. Einar Kron

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