Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Symbu - Saah N´Tow

When the tunnel's light is growing dim
And the darkness around still lingers on
When all it seems, is too much to bear
Do not despair, because Symbu dear
I'll be there for you

When no mortal man/woman will understand
When none is willing your pains to share
When in an abyss of loneliness you find yourself
O Symbu dear, please hang in there
I'll be there for you

When in the midst of this you must share some tears
When there is a dying need for a listening ear
Or you need someone to listen to
Look no further, because Symbu dear
I'll be there for you

Through the thick and thin of your worries and troubles
In your shadows dark of resentment and confusion
As you reconstruct your broken pieces
Symbu honey, please take it easy
I'll be there for you.

Saah N´Tow (20th century) Liberia

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