Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Three Wonders of the World - Dashdorjiin Natsagdorj

Everything is full of light; all of nature enjoying the sun is truly a wonder
Breathing, to all creatures the blessing of air is truly a wonder
Plants and animals, the nourishing water is truly a wonder
    Golden sunbeams spreading sparkling light into millions of places
    Animals, humans, plants enjoying the first warmth
    It is full of boldness and great energy

Mongolian herders living life under the sun
Strong bodies, healthy faces, people living happily
Sunburned Mongolian people are known throughout the world
    Leaves and flowers wanted the beautiful and wonderful sun
    Naadam* and parties, holidays celebrated under the sun
    Happiness is sunlight

Cold air challenging creatures’ lives
People’s bodies fed by the air in the atmosphere
Beneficial immutable air
    Mongolian people living on the wide plains in the fresh air
    Expanding chest breathing clean air
    Long song singing faraway

Ruddy-cheeked brown Mongolian face
Understanding completely, a wise beacon the genius mind
Air, sun, and water those three things always connecting
    If arthritis comes, steamy mineral springs relieve
    Hygiene, cleanliness, health if wanted wash with water
    Hygiene’s great power, water is a necessity

Wide plains, spring water, mineral spring water
Curing of disease, illness still remaining
Smart talented minds discovering medical problems cure
    Plants, animals, people all
    Wanted water, praying for rain
    To be conscious of these three unforgettable wonders

Dashdorjiin Natsagdorj (1906-1937) Mongolia
Source: B. Sodnoy blog
*Naadam is a Mongolian traditional holiday featuring Olympic type competitions in horse racing, wrestling and archery

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