Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wisdom - Magda Isanos

To breathe, and breathe on lightly, that is wisdom.
To find the strength to smile when teardrops flow.
To love a rose's fading, dying petals,
as quietly, so quietly, they go.

To learn from trees, from skyward-aiming poplars,
how humble, and yet upright, to remain.
To understand that what they keep imploring
is that there be less hatred and more rain.

To never heed bygones, nor fear the morrow:
you may be next to fall, like scythèd hay.
Do never heed bygones, nor fear the morrow,
for all we ever are is just today.

Magda Isanos (1916 - 1944) Romania
Translated by Paul Abucean

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