Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Shining Hours (II) - Emile Verhaeren

Although we saw this bright garden, wherein we
pass silently, flower before our eyes, it is
rather in us that grows the pleasantest and
fairest garden in the world.

For we live all the flowers, all the plants and
all the grasses in our laughter and our tears of
pure and calm happiness.

For we live all the transparencies of the blue
pond that reflects the rich growths of the golden
roses and the great vermilion lilies, sun-lips
and mouths.

For we live all joy, thrown out in the cries
of festival and spring of our avowals, wherein
heartfelt and uplifting words sing side by side.

Oh! is it not indeed in us that grows the
pleasantest and the gladdest garden in the world?

Emile Verhaeren (1855 - 1916) Belgium
Translated by F.S. Flint (1916)

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