Thursday, 24 April 2014

The insolvent debtor - George Cosbuc

Home walked she from the mill
Her sack was down and she
Could not lift it again.
"May I help?" "What?" "For pay!"
And in the narrow lane
Good girls shouldn't wave away
Such offers and say "nay".
That she agreed was plain.

With her sack on my back
I start, but half-way, feeling slack,
I want my pay - three kisses.
She stops - just like her, see?
Obstructs the way and thinks
And tells no end of things,
Too much, she can't agree:
Out of the question - three!

On two she does agree,
So, she pays half the fee;
The rest is due tonight
(Our meeting she can't miss),
Though she'll forget I judge!
So here I am, poor drudge,
To bear her sack and trudge -
All this for just one kiss!

George Cosbuc (1866 - 1918) Romania

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