Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Eve and Lilith - Seamus O'Sullivan

With Adam I have mourned for Lilith flown;
Yea, walked disconsolate in Paradise,
Through the green ways of Eden unconsoled,
Though by my side young Eve went wondering,
And whispering with her young grace, that made
The loveliness of Eden lovelier,
Till, finding unavailing all her ways
And each caress, taught by her woman's love
(That is more subtle than the mind of God),
She found, devised, and perfected a plan
Which, brought to full fruition, closed on me
For evermore that Eden she abhorred
Where my sad heart could have but thought of one
Who walked there in the morning of the world.

Seamus O'Sullivan (1879 – 1958) Ireland

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