Sunday, 18 November 2012

Akhenaton’s Song/ Prayer/ Psalm - Dennis Vincent Brutus

Light gleaming through trees
light above sunset hills
light glowing golden
Rhodesian-Zimbabwean red
light pink-grey on Africa’s desert wastes
light on lifted psalms in adoration
psalms lifting in thanksgiving
receiving light in gratitude.
light, source of being
light glowing over, everywhere, forever
light glowing over all, over all.
light at the centre of all things
light at the origin of all things
light reaching across distances of the cosmos
light without which all that is is nothing.
light the seed of our being
light that inserts, asserts, establishes being
light that defines us as divinity
light that unifies us with divinity.

Dennis Vincent Brutus (1924 - 2009) South Africa

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