Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nurse - Abdul Ghani Khan

To serve the sick and wretched
Is not service but worship;
Like a mother, mercy and love
Belong to Eve’s true nature.
This struggle against death
Is full of courage and daring
This mercy in the blaze of pain
And a white beacon in darkness.
All living men are sons of women,
So is their beauty and excellence;
If the world looks down on them
When has it acknowledged merit?
A reproach to blind asses
Who turn every gem into dust.
The daughter of grace and mother of life
Is wherefore God created Eve.
It’s us poets who have made
Her a cupbearer or a beloved;
The west’s perverse culture
Has made her a seductive demon
Neither a mother nor a sister;
Neither of religion nor of the world.

The real attributes of Eve
Are service, mercy and love
This struggle against death
Is not service but worship.

Abdul Ghani Khan (1914 - 1996) Afghanistan

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